The Situation

The explosion of the cloud and the plethora of services provided through it has been a boon to the efficiency and productivity of businesses of every size.  As a small business you are constantly looking for ways to save money, or to put it more elegantly, make your money go further.  What used to only be attainable by larger corporations, Microsoft Office 365 breaks down that barrier by putting corporate Email, Communications and Collaboration into the hands of businesses like yours.  Utilizing SharePoint in the cloud, you can provide your business with the tools and real time information it needs to compete and win against those big guys that have been using it for years.

The Problem

SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration, business process automation, and framework for just about any other line-of-business app you need to develop.  What it’s not great at, is bringing all of this functionality to mobile devices.

Let’s say you run a general contracting business leveraging SharePoint Calendars for job site scheduling, contact list to keep track of vendors, document libraries to track quotes and contracts etc…  90% of your time, you will be out on job sites, managing people and closing new business.  Without mobile access to this data, you either need to carry a laptop with you, or print it out every morning and bring it with you (yes, people do that).  Mobile is essential to your business and SharePoint alone just wont cut it.

The Solution

Mobile Entree 365 is the comprehensive mobile solution that puts all the things you do in SharePoint, in the palm of your hand.  Spending just 5 minutes to configure it for first time use, you will have immediate access to your schedules, vendors, quote and contracts from any mobile device.  Need to search for a quote from your phone, no problem.  Need to shuffle schedules around because your tile guy called in sick, do it while sitting in the Home Depot parking lot.

In addition to these quick productivity benefits, Mobile Entree 365 has a deep and flexible customization story.  Brand your mobile apps to show customers just how professional you are.  Build a custom paint quote generator using the Mobile Entree developer tools to give on-the-spot quotes without giving your competition a chance to bid (ok, maybe you outsource this to us or a SharePoint development shop, but it can be done!).  Mobile Entree 365 puts enterprise level collaboration tools within easy and affordable reach to your small business.

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