The Business Need

Let’s say that your website is the central portal for customers to access your core product and service offerings. Visibility of these products and services to potential customers is important to engage on new opportunities. The content of your website is updated daily through standard SharePoint 2010 Publishing as well as SharePoint 2010 Blog postings. Much of this content is aggregated to centralized locations to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. But now you set out to develop a mobile interface for your website. So you engaged with H3 Solutions, makers of Mobile Entrée, to do the development and provide guidance for implementation best practices.

The Solution

When it comes time to provide a mobile interface for your customers and advisors, Mobile Entrée is the logical choice. Mobile Entrée will deliver a rich, highly customizable solution that far exceeds expectations. Your mobile website solution can allow access to daily reports, access to market studies, as well as a rich interface to event information like agenda and speakers for any and all of your employees. The solution will not require any re-architecting of the existing SharePoint structure and content editors can continue to use the tools they are accustom to working with.

The Value

Your website can quickly be updated with a dynamic and intuitive mobile interface that works across a broad range of devices without the need to update and maintain mobile apps, thanks to SharePoint 2010 and the Mobile Entrée platform. This not only adds value to your customers by allowing them to access your products and services, but also to your employees.

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