The Situation

Mobility and BYOD are core initiatives in today’s government requirements. “Americans deserve a government that works for them anytime, anywhere and on any device” said President Obama. Microsoft SharePoint is a dominant platform in Federal and State agencies, providing them with a multitude of collaborative and business processes.

The Problem

SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration, process automation, and framework for just about any other line-of-business app you need to develop. What it’s not great at, is bringing all of this functionality to mobile devices. Without mobile access to your data, you either need to carry a laptop with you, or print it out every morning and bring it with you (yes, people do that).  Mobile is a mandate for many government organizations and SharePoint alone just wont cut it.

The Solution

Mobile Entrée is the comprehensive mobile solution that puts all the things you do in SharePoint, in the palm of your hand. It extends the SharePoint Solution Feature architecture as a browser-based solution requiring no APP installation on users’ devices. On-the-go users can continue to collaborate using access to SharePoint data: business workflow processes, line of business applications, Business Intelligence and web content. Equally important to our out-of-the-box solutions, Mobile Entrée expands SharePoint into a MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) providing an API so you may also build your own mobile applications. Mobile Entrée fulfills your mobility and BYOD initiatives easily and completely, leveraging many of the investments you have already made. Find Mobile Entrée on the GSA Advantage

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