So, you need a cost efficient solution to enable your nearly 200 employees to better collaborate on-the-go. You have invested in building a robust company culture and SharePoint employee portal, however the out-of-the-box mobile experience was lacking. There is no search function, and you can not use discussion boards, limiting what your employees can do when away from their computer.


Our signature product Mobile Entrée, will help you to realize your vision of mobility for their employee portal. Mobile Entrée will allow you to build out a highly interactive and scalable mobile solution within SharePoint. Your mobile employees can browse corporate news, search for and access important documents, and participate in active discussions boards wherever their work takes them.


Your employees will now have access to a mobile optimized and intuitive SharePoint interface, increasing their productivity and ability to collaborate. We also provide our expert insight to boost your adoption of the portal, saving the company time and money. The Mobile Entrée framework does the heavy lifting and any additional customization that is required can be complete quickly and easily. Your portal will support Android and iPhone devices with a single code base, which again, reduced costs.

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Are you using SharePoint on Premises? Want to get more out of it when not at your desk? We can help!

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