The Situation

As a non-profit organization you are constantly looking for ways to save money, or to put it more elegantly, make your money go further. You use SharePoint for everything from managing training materials to conferences to event management and much more.  With limited resources, and volunteers all over, it can be hard to keep productive when away from your desk. Managing information and tasks critical to your mission can be difficult, but needs to done even when you’re on the go.

The Problem

SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration, process automation, and framework for just about any other line-of-business app you need to develop. What it’s not great at, is bringing all of this functionality to mobile devices.

The Solution

Mobile Entrée will allow you to take advantage of SharePoint anywhere you are, on any device, whether you are using SharePoint on premises or on Office 365. You will finally be able to access to your schedules, vendor lists, discussion boards and contracts from any mobile device.  Need to shuffle schedules around because one of your volunteers called in sick, do it while anywhere. Need to search for some documents from your phone, no problem. Mobile Entrée puts enterprise level collaboration tools within easy and affordable reach to your organization.

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