Mobile Entree and Publishing Sites: Development

By |March 10th, 2015|Development|0 Comments

In my previous post on ME Themes I discussed generally how the ME platform could be leveraged to mobile enable existing SP sites that use the publishing infrastructure to display content. Since publishing sites are typically highly customized, presenting their content as lists and views doesn’t make sense and would most likely be confusing to most users because of the way the content is organized. Using the ME framework to develop a custom application to serve the content of a publishing site gives you complete control of the data that is used and the presentation of that data. ME applications allow you to concentrate on the specific needs of your environment by abstracting away anything you don’t need to customize to the ME framework. For the rest of the post I’ll be diving into development of a custom ME Application in VS, if you aren’t familiar with ME VS Tools, or haven’t already done so, I highly recommend reading the Themes Deep Dive as this post is a better introduction to how ME integrates into VS and the SharePoint deployment system. I’ll be using VS 2012 for the sample, however ME VS Tools is compatible with VS 2012 and VS 2013 – this means that just like the VS Solutions and Projects that contain them, ME project items are interchangeable between the two versions. This sample adds onto the ME Theme project that was created during the last post in order to show how ME project items can be contained within the same VS project – although they can of course be contained in their own projects – while keeping their activation separate using SharePoint Features. Since the sample ME Application will require [...]